Revealed!! Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali(WKKB)

FINALLY, the secret behind the killing of Bahubali by Kattappa is REVEALED!

This comes straight from the innermost sources of Team Bahubali, so, go watch Bahubali 2 for the visual thrill and grandeur, not for the nagging curiosity behind #WKKB!

Here is the DETAILED explanation…
In part 1 of Bahubali, it is shown that Rajamata Shivgami declares Bahubali as the future emperor of the kingdom. In continuation with this, in the upcoming part, we will be shown that Amarendra Bahubali will go touring the country on a final holiday before taking the throne, where he came across a lady and falls in love with her. She is none other than Devasena (portrayed by Anushka Shetty) from a domain called “Kunthala rajyam”. The twist in the narration comes when Bhallala Deva(Rana Daggubati) also falls for Devasena.

In an effort to solve the dispute between the sons for Devasena’s hand, Rajamata Shivagami declares that one who marries Devasena, will have to leave the empire permanently. Now Bahubali chooses his love, agrees to his mother’s condition and leaves Mahishmati kingdom. Here comes the song “Dandalayya…” sung by all the people of Mahishmati kingdom.

After Amarendra leaves the kingdom, Bhallala Deva is still pining for Devasena and decides to resort to all means to separate Bahubali and Devasena. As part of his plans, he creats conflicts among the people of Mahishmati, causing rifts and tension in the kingdom and making Shivgami believe that the problems are being caused by Baahubali. Shivgami without giving a thought, orders their loyal servant Kattappa to execute Amarendra Baahubali. Being the sworn slave he is, Kattappa too is cheated by Bhallaladeva into believing that Bahubali is really the enemy of Mahishmati.

So Kattappa eventually kills Baahubali as per the orders of Rajamata. Devasena is shown to be pregnant at that time.
Later Rajamata comes to know about the evil plot brewed by Bhallala Deva where, he in the disguise of Baahubali has created the armed fight among people and is now trying to kill the new born baby of Amarendra and Devasena too. She realizes her mistake and decides to save Bahubali’s new born child at any cost.

In the trailer for Bahubali 2 we can see Devasena touching the feet of Shivagami and Shivagami presenting “Mahendra Baahubali” to the kingdom of Mahishmati. After knowing Shivagami’s intention, Bhallala Deva orders his men to kill Rajamata and the baby she is holding. There ends the flashback narration by Kattappa to Shivudu (who is Mahendra Baahubali).

Now, let GODS be judges of the crime we have perpetrated, but, you, dear readers, go, and enjoy Bahubali 2 relaxed!

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