How old is Kattappa, the slayer of Baahubali?

Where the rivers have passed and years too with them.
Generations together have swayed along their passage.
Amongst the best of men, lay this one man.
As loyal as shadow, Kattappa is that man.

A small non-descript poem flows as I talk of this man. But have you wondered how old he could be
since he survived such a long ordeal of events. A man who sadly boasts of being the killer of Baahubali,
the very man whom he vowed to serve.

We will do some simple math and try and arrive at a concensus for the age he could. Since he was present
supporting Sivagami as a young warrior slave, in his best of days he could be 25 years. And with the birth of Baahubali and the ensuing incidents till his death could be accounted for 30 years. Around this time Mahendra Baahubali aka Sivudu went missing and lived until his primeyouth which would add another 25-30 years. Adding the three numbers and factoring in few other possibilities the total age could be around 80-85. A very strong man even for that age, which could be judged by the way he fights Sivudu before revealing his identity. We have also discussed and presented a possible arguement on WKKB. So go and visit that too.

Meanwhile keep walking in for more such facts and stories around Baahubali 2 The Conclusion. We will
soon be ready with Baahubali 2 Movie Review!

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